The production is elaborate and is done in several steps. At first the motif’s outlines are drawn and then hammered out the metal. This method is used in the metal processing since primeval times. In the second step the artists grind the formed metal to work out the shapes and details. Every single step is done by hand and only this makes it possible to create pictures with a unique character and a personal note of the artist.

The artists may weld additional details to the picture afterwards. This step makes it possible to add parts to the concept or just draw attention to specific areas. There is barely no limit for our young artists creativity. In the fourth and last step of this process the pictures get painted to highlight details, make the 3d effect stronger and add a unique style to this picture.

Our industrial pictures are made through the fusion of artful relief works with the damascening technique, which got it’s roots in 1.600 B.C., and is known from the bronze age. The combination of this technique and the motif’s of our creative artists builds a unusual appealing symbiosis. There is no other art object that combines opposites like hammer and brush or bronze age and the modern era so masterfully and effective like these pieces of art.

This makes every single metal picture not just only a highlight, but also a unique item that is second to none.

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